Local, organically grown food available weekly!

In the 2009 growing season we returned to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) format in addition to selling our fruits and vegetables at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.  This is an agreement between our CSA members and ourselves to grow for those members and share our weekly harvest with them.  Last year, 2013, we grew for 10 to 12 families.  We are increasing the membership this season and are looking for more families who wish to eat locally and support local growers.  We call it the “Your Way CSA”.

What we offer: (see the Seasonal Vegetable Chart)

We plant a wide range of vegetables throughout the season beginning with the spring favorites: lettuce mix and head lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, and cauliflower. 

Then the late spring brings us: cabbage, carrots, beets, salad onions, and new potatoes.

Summer finds us harvesting all the things we love about summer: herbs, garlic, cucumbers, sweet & hot peppers, summer squash, green beans, a full-range of tomato varieties - mostly heirlooms, tons of basil, eggplant, sweet onions, and more potatoes. 

Finally, in the fall we’ll have: several varieties of winter squash, leeks, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cilantro, carrots, head lettuce, leaf lettuce salad mix, chard, kale, bunching onions, arugula, parsley, spinach, maché, turnips, radishes, apples, and pears.


We have Araucana and Barred Rock hens who produce wonderful, colorful eggs (the Araucanas lay the blue and green eggs, really!).  These are free-range hens who spend their day outdoors and get to eat all of our garden scraps.  New laying hens will arrive this spring and will be pastured and fed strictly non-gmo feed!

We also have several beehives that happily pollinate our veggies and fruits and we are hoping to have honey by late summer once again.

How we grow:

We only grow organically.  We were Certified Organic for over 10 years but it became too expensive and time-consuming to continue certification.  We use no chemical fertilizers, simply compost, fish, & kelp emulsions; we use no pesticides, instead utilizing row covers, soap sprays, and hand picking insects and worms; we use no herbicides, we hand weed and mow.

Our seasons:

The 2014 CSA will being in early to mid May, depending on the spring weather.  Harvest will continue until late October or into early November, a full 26 weeks with a option of a few more weeks before the cold really hits.

How it works: 

We will send an email to our members on Monday with a list of what’s available, the prices, and often a recipe or more using that week’s harvest.  Members then return an email by Tuesday evening with their order for the week.  You have the freedom to choose from a beautiful variety of foods each week to suit your individual tastes (most CSA plans are predetermined by the grower for the sake of uniformity and easiness).  Please see below regarding prices.

See our Seasonal Vegetable Chart to discover the fruits and vegetables that will be available this year and their harvest season.

Delivery/Pick Up:

Ottawa area members may pick up their share at the farm.  We are setting up delivery into Johnson County/Kansas City and will know locations better when we see the membership numbers.


We do not require payment in advance.  We would encourage your order amount to aim for the $15 range weekly but we don’t demand it.  We do require weekly orders unless there is a prior agreement.

Garden help:

We love volunteer help from our CSA members.  This could include planting, weeding, or various other needs that help make the growing season successful.  One option might include helping with delivery into Johnson County.

beautiful potatoes

heirloom tomatoes

butternut squash

planting onions

a new beehive

great egg layers

Real food as good
 as it gets!

cutting potatoes for planting

covering potatoes

clean radishes ready for bunching

broccoli & arugula beds

our favorite lettuces from the 2013 season